Just as each brush stroke on the canvas leaves a different impression, each event should similarily be a one off and unique creation. As event planner together with our customers we overcome the challenge of filling the blank white sheet and form client specific concepts while avoiding the blueprints of what has been done before. In striving for perfection, we are not afraid to paint over the lines when needs be.


With decades of experience behind us, our clients can now easily recognise our brush strokes. Since more than 50 years Mondial has been assisting companies with the planning, organisation and execution of corporate events in Austria and abroad – from congress management, team building activities, incentives and company outings to gala evenings and large scale events.


Being part of the Mondial Group, we can offer our clients for their event management the full spectrum of services which the organisation offers. Contracts with hundreds of hotels in the heart of Europe and the market leader status of our congress department enable us to pass on our lucrative purchasing advantages to our clients.


We take great pride in our work and approach each new challenge meticulously. Just as each construction needs to be built on a solid foundation, likewise each event and incentive trip has to be a stable functioning entity from start to finish.


It is the many small logistical processes – like transportation, transfers, accommodation – which make up the basis of any successful event.



In a personal face to face meeting, we will put the first ideas to paper and produce a graphical depiction for your inquiry.



Tailored around your requirements, ideas and budget, we will develop an appropriate offer and cost breakdown to present to you.



Based on your change requests and adjusted budget, we will adopt the concept accordingly and put our sparkling array of talents and know-how to work on your project.



After the decision has been made to proceed, all details will be forwarded on to one of our competent Project Managers. In conjunction with loyal partners of many years your project will begin to take shape in our hands.



We will pull the strings on site for you and together with our service providers ensure that everything according to plan. You will have a front row seat as the ideas and concepts spring to life and transform into a masterpiece before your very eyes.



Ultimately we show our true colours. Your opinions mean a great deal to us!


Our goal is to offer you the best possible service. At an arranged debriefing, we will discuss together whether each masterstroke struck the right chord and where a touch-up may be needed for future events.